“Mom-to-Mom” home-visiting program

The Mom-to-Mom home-visiting project matches trained volunteers who are experienced mothers with mothers of young infants who need a supportive connection. The objectives of the project are to build the confidence of "new" others, strengthen their capabilities, guide them in problem solving, and provide them with emotional support. In this way, we aim to promote mothers' feelings of self-efficacy, their satisfaction with their parenting role, and their sensitivity and responsiveness to their infant. At the same time, we hope to reduce mothers' feelings of isolation, anxiety, and connect them with available resources within the community when needed. Unlike most other family-directed services in Jerusalem that are aimed at families with deeply entrenched problems, the Mom-to-Mom home-visiting project is open to all mothers (who live in central Jerusalem) with infants up to age of one year. The service is provided free of charge.


  • Dr. Marsha Kaitz
  • Ms. Miriam Chriki

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