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All the programs being carried out in the framework of the Harris Foundation Hebrew University Project share a number of characteristics. All are making a contribution to the understanding of the processes by which the environment of the child may be directed to reduce risk to the child, particularly risk of developmental delay and disorders. The programs contribute in the following ways:
  • developing and testing models for training professionals and para-professionals in giving guidance to infants, toddlers and families based on developmental knowledge;
  • testing new techniques for coping with the problems of neonates at risk;
  • developing new knowledge on observation of the behavior of infants, caregivers and parents that could lead to better diagnostic approaches and new ways of teaching caregivers about child development;
  • providing models for programs for parental guidance in home, hospital, daycare and clinic settings;
  • disseminating information to other organizations that conduct eearly childhood intervention programs;
  • developing an impact on social institutions that have been conncected with the activities of the Harris Project in the direction of adopting, testing and revising the models we have developed.
As stated in the previous report, we are working toward greater integration of the projects through the Jerusalem Child Development Center, and in the context of setting up a Center for the Development of the Child at the Hebrew University.

Center for the Development of the Child: Update

We have been conducting discussions with University officials and teachers on the establishment of a Center for the Development of the Child at the Hebrew University. The Center would develop new programs of study involving psychology, education social work and the para-medical professions, would have its won research program and would provide consulting services to outside agencies. The Center would also provide the base for the programs being developed in the Harris Project.
The Harris Project would thus provide the infra-structure for the proposed Center.
We will continue to update the Harris Foundation concerning the progress of the Center.

Social Policy Activity : Update

As indicated in our previous report, the Harris Foundation Project has concentrated its efforts in social policy on the topic of children in political demonstrations and ways of reducing risk to children in such situations. This is a central and painful issue in the tensions besetting Israeli and Palestinian society today. The problem affects Palestinian children to a large degree but has posed threats to Israeli children as well.
Charles Greenbaum, together with representatives of Defence for Children International (DCI), a well-known children's rights organization, has formed a working group of scholars and experts in security to deal with the issues. The working group has met with a number of key people on the issues. These include Members of Knesset Dan Meridor, Chairperson of the Security and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Knesset, Tamar Gozhansky, Chairperson of the child Welfare Committee, and Naomi Hazan.
We can report that an international conference on the subject of Prevention of Injury and Death of Children Participating in Demonstrations will be held under the auspices of the Minerva Center for Human Rights at Tel Aviv University, The Harris Foundation and DCI on the October 20 -21, 2002. The participants will include police and security experts, legal scholars involved in children's rights, and social scientists. As far as we know this is the first conference in the work on this topic. We will send the proposal that has been drafted on the topic to the Harris Foundation separately.

Executive Committee

  • Prof. Charles W. Greenbaum
  • Prof. Arthur I. Eidelman
  • Prof. A. Ornoy
  • Prof. M. Rosenthal
  • Dr. M. Kaitz

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